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Larry Brooks - Artist & Illustrator

"Art is everywhere. Sophocles told us to "look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected." It`s like God's blessings in that the more you become aware, the more there is. I make art in conjunction with everything. From paintings and architectural renderings, to clothes, carpets, ceiling fan blades and furniture. Sometimes just by hanging my art where one doesn't expect it, can arouse a curiosity and wonder that can brighten their outlook. When people visit my home or studio, they leave maybe a little more curious and receptive to the art that surrounds all of us. Art doesn`t reproduce the visible; rather it makes it visible."


As a matter of fact, if art is just another way of keeping a diary, pretty much all of Larry Brooks can be found within his body of work.


Larry Brooks resides in his studio near downtown San Antonio, Texas. "I`m from a proud Texas family and so is my wife, Joanie. But we are more than where we are from. I'm everywhere I`ve been, everyone I've met, and all that I've experienced. Growing up, I had the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures."


Larry's body of work is infused with Texas and his love of the Southwest. His paintings are also a reflection of his life: the simple, subtle beauty of the Japanese culture as well as the vibrant, celebratory art of South America, American Indians and more. "I think the most important thing you can do is to see everything you possibly can. We can all be artists if we look for art, recognize it and experience what it has to offer. The more you see, the more there is. The big Art is Life." 


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